I am playing with light and motion since the age of 12. I worked for 8 years as a photographer of the Petit Press publisher company (Vasárnap, Új Szó). When I was introduced to the chief of the photographers he just looked at me and said: „We will see about that, everyone can click.”
3 of my photo series – the Dance, the Inner lights of the lines, Behave yourselves good, if you can – were exhibited in 7 cities of 5 Countries (Bratislava, Kosice, Somorja, Prague, Vienna, Krakow, Győr, Budapest).


I receive the Building photographer of the year award.


Jókai theatre in Komárom asks me to take photos of their plays.


Fomei chooses me to the company’s hungarian ambassador.

I won’t write about my labor and my workstyle, because paper is patient, however the photos speak for themselves..
Sincerely: Kiss Gábor Gibbó